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You have to pay in order to spank me

For someone who is not aware a lot, a submissive escort is not something normal. They usually thing of a woman who is paid to be whipped and tied up by a strange man.

Of course, if you enjoy that kind of thing—and get paid well to do it—it’s actually not far from the perfect career. But considering that more than the halves of the women who enjoy BDSM are thought to be as submissive, there are fairly few specialized subs compared with dominatrices.

Sub Fox, an Australian who now works in London, is one of the few working in the UK. I spoke to her in order to find out a little about her life.

-What made you decide that you wanted to be a proficient submissive?

– I got fired from my job, and the job market was totally awful at the time. I couldn’t find any other job and was very stressed out about the unpaid bills and rent. I went out for drinks one night with my best friend, and she, knowing my tendency towards all things BDSM, suggested looking for a work in a dungeon.

The next day I started doing research and applied to a few dungeons. I got hired at a very beautiful dungeon in South London and trained there. It was primarily dom work, with some submissive sessions rarely. I don’t have a dom bone in my body, so being a dom always felt pressing. In this job, if you don’t love what you’re doing, it’s very clear, very unfair to the client, and not the right one for the worker. So I decided to leave this job and work on my own.

-Is being a submissive your only source of earnings?

It’s definitely my only income. I get in touch with a lot of people who criticize me of my work and ask why I don’t get a common job, and I always have to apologize even though I feel I don’t have to. I’m my own boss, I make my own hours, I select my clients, and I make more in a few hours than most people make in a month. I was asked by a friend if this was what I wished-for myself doing when I was little. I think my goal, was always to stand on my own, so yes and working as a London mistress I’m doing just that.

-And what do your sessions typically involve?

I have a lot of clients who like to force me not to cum. They turn me on, but they are not allowing me to orgasm, before they say so. If I do so before they allow it then there is some form of punishment. Forced orgasms are also a favorite part of my clients’ sessions. They’re pretty much exactly what they sound like: I’m controlled and made to orgasm continually. It sounds amazing, but becomes very intense and aching.
-How much do you make each session?

-It always depends on what the session entails. It’s normally between £600 an hour.

-What’s the strangest demand you’ve ever had from a client?

I’ve been doing this for so long that nothing seems strange. I had a man who asked me to lie in an ice bath for as long as I could take it and then lie perfectly still in quietness. I had a client who wanted me covered me with dollars of 5 and left me there naked and he finally cum via masturbation. He wanted to feel like a real king who can spend his money in any way he wants.

-Do you ever worry for your safety, since you give these men an element of control over you?

-Yes, definitely. By the very definition of their profession, submissive allow themselves to be dominated, and that comes with a lot of risk. But I always want to feel safe and secured. For example, I never meet a customer who can’t give me a phone number or address. When I have a meeting with a new client, I usually ask him to go for a coffee or a glass of wine. If I feel that something is going wrong, I simply apologize and leave. I always follow my instinct and I was never wrong till today.

-How exact do you think 50 Shades of Grey’s portrayal of a submissive was?

I didn’t read the whole book; the writing was so awful that I couldn’t finish it. It made me want to stab myself in the eye. There is also one thing that made me throw the book away. The girl uses her safe word and she is just ignored by her partner . Everybody who gets into the BDSM world must follow one rule. He must respect the safe word of his partner and stop anything he does, that may cause mental or physical pain to the other. This safe word was ignored in the book, which makes it as the worst example for me.

– Are there any useful pieces of advice or some rules a woman needs to follow in order to become an expert sub?

-First of all, don’t do this job if you don’t truly enjoy being submissive. I’ve talked to many women who thought they could change to pro sub work, and they were miserable because they didn’t like it. It’s very easy to fake your way through a role play session or some light bondage, but when taking a caning, or even a hard spanking, the pain is very real. My biggest rule though, is hearing the inner voice inside me when she keeps saying to me that it is time to go. When my instinct says that something is not like it supposed to be, then it’s time to go back home.

How to Find The Best and Hottest Dominatrix BDSM Sex Women Escorts To Have super Hot and Kinky Sexual intercourse With?

Is BDSM Sex and Sex with Super hot kinky Dominatrix Sexual Women Even Legal At These BDSM Clubs, as I don’t want to get In Trouble?

Yes, for the most part and in most areas of the United States and the United Kingdom, BDSM clubs are entirely legal for the reason that you are not paying directly for sex, for the fact that all sex is consensual and there are safe words and legal law, and for the reason that there is no specific law or statute preventing BDSM sexual activities. If there were a law against this however, I ask you, how exactly would they draw the line, would consensual hair pulling, biting or scratching during normal, vanilla sex be illegal? Or would they only draw the line at a ball gag and a Saint Andrew’s Cross, or would belt whipping and other kinky things be the line, it is hard to press charges against anyone unless someone finds it entirely consensual, painful or against their limits, and then even in the cases of which this occurs, for the most part it is going to be between the partners themselves, and no one will bring a lawsuit. In the off chance that someone actually is crazy enough to bring a law suit for the reason that the consensual, BDSM sexual intercourse got overly kinky, then this is usually a different type of crime, including a rape or sexual assault and battery case, for the simple fact that BDSM violations is not a specific statute or law, and that judges, as of this moment in time as far as I know, have no previous legal precedence to go off of on the matter.

How to Get Super hot Kinky Sex With a Dominatrix BDSM Woman, and How Far Are Hot Dominatrix Sex Escorts Usually Willing to Go?

Now, if you’re looking to get super hot and really violent, dangerously kinky sex with regards to a dominatrix BDSM woman, then your best bet is to sign up for a BDSM forum website, be entirely honest in your profile and picture however always use a stage name or an alias for your BDSM sexcapedes, as otherwise blackmail and extortion can easily become a problem if someone finds out where you work at. After this however it is important to attend your first BDSM club meeting, normally called a munchin, very cautiously and carefully, not to be overly aggressive or grope any of the women in question, and to always make sure that you are friendly and only try to make friends the first time that you go to the club, this will let you find out what type of women you want to have sex with and of which may or may not be too violent for exactly what you’re looking for with regards to your sex life and your sex limits. By making friends also and by just being friendly in the BDSM sex scene you will also stand out quite a lot with regards to the rest of the pack, for the simple fact that for the most part, the people that go to these things are going to be extremely aggressive and are going to be almost perverted in how they touch go after, and try to dominate submissive women. If you are a submissive, kind and nice man that is just being very much friendly to those in the club, then you’ll generally stand out and have your pick of the litter with regards to the sex partners of the club, especially if you’re very attractive.

What The Heck if a Dominatrix Sex Woman in the BDSM Culture, and Will She Have Sexual Intercourse With Me?

If you haven’t heard of the term Dominatrix, don’t worry you’re not alone, and in fact I had no idea what the heck it was before I started to profusely research the heck out of this for the purpose of accurately writing this blog post article. A dominatrix escort woman, just like a dominant woman in general, is a woman who likes to dominate men, either for sexual pleasure, for the purpose of letting her warrior spirit come out in the bedroom, because she hates men, although this is very rare and because for the most part dominatrix love women and just want to see them happy and see them cum.

How Much does a BDSM dominatrix sexual expert cost with Regards to a Cash Buy?

The beauty of most dominant sex women, is that most of them are free and just love giving kinky sex to sexy and attractive men, and this is entirely and especially the case if you go to a free and legal BDSM sex club that just has a monthly and annual membership fee, the escort women aren’t there for the money, they’re there for the super hot sex, how awesome is that, brothels ain’t got nothing on this, free women that love kinky sex! In order to find the best and the hottest dominant women around, you can go to BDSM clubs and just be friendly, try to make friends, it worked for me and since I was talk dark and handsome, not to mention friendly and nice, I was easily able to find a sex partner that was super and incredibly attractive and that gave me super happy and kinky sex outlets for literally years to come.

Final Thoughts On Finding Super Hot and Kinky BDSM Dominatrix Sex Women, and How You Can Find Them at BDSM Clubs to Have Good Sex with Them

Overall, it is very easy to find super hot kinky sex escorts at BDSM clubs in order to have super hot sex with, and most of them are free if you’re entirely attractive, and if you are very nice to the people that you’re looking to have sex with regularly.