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he’ll dothis for ten seconds making sure it’snice and loose then we’re going to goback across and stretch that shoulderone more time just to make sure thatrear deltoid and the whole shoulder isstretched we’ll go across twice nextthing Chad will do is he’ll set the balldown so his hands are free we’re goingto do arm circles again but the onlydifference is they’ll be bigger andfaster ten forward and then he’ll go tenbackwards really loosening up both armsand even that left arm Casey needs astiff arm come game time then he’ll pickhis ball back up and he’s going tofinish with what he started with trunkrotations five each side ten totalreally loosening up that torso and thatrotation for his passesand that is a QB stretch right after theQB stretch we’re going to get those hipsand those legs warmed up right away withthe quarterback drop drill which ad isgoing to do starting off he’s going todrop it % about half speed justfocusing on his form keeping his lefthip open eyes downfieldwe’re gonna go % drop drill to thesideline say it hikenext we’re gonna pick up the speed alittle bit start to really stretch outthose legs moving it up to % speed onthe QB drop drip set hike and to finishup the drop drill we’re going to go gamespeed a hundred.