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ofhave training work the satisfaction Iget when I’m watching guys that I’vecoached and trained I could have neverguessed it you get in there and you putyour work in it’s like a project thenwhen the season comes around and you’rewatching them compete and then adefender comes in and they do a spinmove on you yes that’s you out thereplaying they win you win that’s thebeauty of it Ohwelcome to champion QB the first thingwe’re gonna do is stretch our upper bodybefore we start doing the football thefirst thing we’re going to do is trunkrotations we’re going to rotate thetrunk five times each side ten totalmaking sure the torso is nice and loosethe next thing we’re going to do is armcircles with the throwing arm chad isright-handed so he will rotate his armten times forward getting the shoulderloose the rotator cuff and ten timesbackwards getting all of those jointsall the ligaments and all those tendonsnice and loose before we start throwingnext thing Chad is going to do he’sgoing to do a right arm stretch acrosshis body stretching out his shoulder andall these stretches will be for tenseconds all increments of ten after theshoulder stretch across he’s going toreach his elbow back stretching out thetricep muscle in his arm again.